Strategic Partnerships

Developing relationships that foster the success of entrepreneurs is an imperative element of being a strategic investor. O’Leary Ventures has partnered with a number of companies that help small businesses like yours get off the ground. From bookkeeping to crowdfunding to digital marketing, the operational ecosystem will be a valuable resource to any O’Leary Ventures applicants.


O’Leary Ventures’ partnerships have been carefully selected to contribute to the success of small businesses that are invested in. Team Wonderful has professional connections with each of these companies and has confidence in their services.

Any entrepreneur looking for my investment is encouraged to explore these partners and see how they can bolster your business. Having a support network makes a world of difference when you’re starting a small business.

Our Partners

Tax Hive

If you are looking for a one-stop, personalized service with tax professionals, look no further. Tax Hive is a vetted network of licensed service providers who specialize in helping small businesses optimize their business structure. Tax Hive has earned an outstanding reputation through hard work, proven results, and always looking out for their clients’ best interests. Team Wonderful encourages small businesses to review all of the services, resources, and client satisfaction comments on the Tax Hive website.

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