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North Dakota and O’Leary Ventures have partnered to find the best and brightest entrepreneurial business leaders. Collaborate with a state that is pro-business, pro-growth and that has diverse economics to see the opportunity that lies ahead. Do you have what it takes to be part of Kevin O’Leary’s initiative to make North Dakota a powerhouse for small businesses?

Wonder Fund North Dakota

Team Wonderful has partnered with North Dakota to invest $45M into early-stage companies that meet the criteria as set forth by the US Department of Treasury’s State Small Business Credit Initiative (“SSBCI”).  We will invest in North Dakota Founded companies and startups that provide valuable programs, dynamic services and impact in North Dakota. This new and exciting initiative will give these young companies considerable room for financial and operational growth.


Wonder Fund – North Dakota is open to applicants from a broad spectrum of products and services that support the state’s diverse economic underpinnings. With an investment from O’Leary Ventures backed by the state of North Dakota, your company will receive marketing, brand support and credibility that only the Kevin O’Leary name can bring.

Do you have a good and scalable idea and a great team to execute your vision?

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O’Leary Ventures and North Dakota are ready to invest capital in businesses (funding rounds <$20m, companies with <500 employees) with potential for growth and job creation in the state. Every qualified application will be carefully considered by the fund management team.

Investment criteria and approval will be based on numerous aspects of your business, including:

Potential for
Profitability & Scale


Economic Impact
In North Dakota

How to Apply

Fill out the application form and provide your business pitch. We’ll review your submission and determine whether your business has the growth potential O’Leary Ventures and North Dakota Development Fund are looking for.


We are looking to invest into early stage (Seed to Series A+) The program precludes us from investing into rounds greater than $20 million and/or into companies with 500 or more employees.

With O’Leary Ventures as your investor, you will have the benefit of our network and active follower base to support the business and help amplify your story.

Companies outside of North Dakota will still be considered with the understanding that they would be moved to North Dakota for the duration of their funding. Outside companies will be considered if their product or service has an impact on the material state of North Dakota. All investments must fully meet the criteria set forth by the US Department of Treasury’s State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI).

The most successful applicants will have a unique concept with high potential, a low environmental impact, and a diverse and dynamic culture. We’re also looking for businesses that will bolster the North Dakota economy with beneficial products and services.

Wonder-Fund North Dakota Application

We’re looking for businesses that will bolster the North Dakota economy with high potential and a low environmental impact. Fill out the application below to submit your company.

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I am on the search for the nation’s newest great idea. If you think you have what it takes to be the next successful entrepreneur, small business, inventor, or innovator, fill out the form below.